Web design and booking of Domain

In the digital Order for communications and information Technology solutions, we offer innovative ideas and creative designs that are distinctive in web design, booking Domain and hosting for website, where we study the status of each design and care for each request individually for our full belief that every customer has a different class of audience Different results

Web development as required

Now you can turn your thoughts into reality and take advantage of the immense potential of technology in facilitating your life or your work to have time to do another job or just relax for some time. Request the design and programming of your software according to your specifications with the possibility of adding and modifying later as agreed.

Mobile application Programming

Mobile apps are the most powerful marketing methods that companies follow today. The application in its general form is a program that stays on the user's computer 24 hours a day We have the strongest and best solutions for mobile phone apps and on various platforms whether they are for Android, iphone, ipad or Windows iphone system where we offer technical solutions using different programming languages.

Corporate identity design and induction brochure

Business identity is part of the most important parts of a company, enterprise, or product if it is not transferred it's the most important part of all so that it gives it the spirit and touch that remains stuck in people's minds. We in digital order are pioneers in the design of trade identities in a distinctive way for all of your business and activities where we make it unique, with unprecedented footprint, and for that, we have dedicated a team of professionally qualified and experienced designers in the design of prints to stay on your applications and work on their denies. It.

Trademark Registration

The benefits of trademark registration support national industries and trade as the trademark owner uses the trademark himself on his or her products by giving him permission to use the mark and obtain a material return

Managing e-Marketing campaigns

E-Marketing is an e-business part by providing companies and entrepreneurs with access to global markets to market their services or goods

Corporate email Service

The official mail with the name of your company's website is also attached to the addition of your site on cards and brochures as a company identity. Example of e-mail as is clear in the previous example the name of the company and the Yourname mail account after booking the company name you can create unlimited mail accounts for employees such as

Professional Photography of products and headquarters

Take the most appropriate picture of your business now with digital order, the professional photography service provided by the company to its customers is all you want to make a noticeable difference in the image of your company and your brand. If you are looking for photographic experts for your company's products or services or your public or private events you are also looking for high quality in images that talk about your brand and your company's services and products we must be your first destination.


Digital Identity

A leading company in the area of networking and information technology provides multiple services in these areas.

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united technology

Information Technology Consultant is developed as an IT & communication consulting company that focuses in serving the small to medium and large industries implementing IT & communication solutions

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Majed Bashrhil

General Manager and Founder of D.O..

Mr. Majed has distinguished experience in e-commerce as well as his extensive experience in the field of information technology and has established a Digital Order company for IT.

solutions in 2010. it cares for and specializes in the full development of software application services and business solutions for modern electronic portals.Thanks to his wise administration, the company has become large-scale and has branches in Gaza and Egypt and seeks to make offices throughout the Arab nation.

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